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Welcome to the Custom Pricing and Order Department!



Paradise Order Banners Bottle

Pre-Made design of your choice from our Blog in a Bottle section, including the header with the name of the blog and the background. You can see all of the design choices by clicking here or the link in the Navigator Bar above. Please note, these designs are not exclusive and will be resold.

(Sorry, the bottle is not included)

Paradise Order Banners H and B

This package includes one custom header and one custom background.  Here is an example:


Paradise Order Bannersmini

The Custom Mini Makeover includes the following:

  • One custom header
  • One custom background
  • 3 column template installed
  • Favicon
  • This package includes installation to your existing blog

Paradise Order Bannerstotal

The Custom Design includes the following services:

  • One custom Header
  • One custom Background
  • One Favicon
  • One custom Post Signature
  • Navigator Bar installed with your choice of text or images
  • One information/order form *FYI: You must have a blog to use for the “Thank You” that is generated after submission
  • One 150 pixel by 150 pixel Advertising Button with a text box of the code for your visitors to copy, place on their site with a link directly to your blog
  • One custom image Post Divider
  • Install and link graphics included in the package in up to four (4) other blogs (does not include the “Thank You” page required for the form)
  • 3 column template installed on the linked blogs
  • This package includes installation to your existing blog
  • FYI: This package is valued at over $225.00 if purchased individually

Blog Beautification Goodies

Paradise Order Bannerssig

A post signature is an image signature that will automatically be entered at the bottom of every post. Here is an example:

Paradisesig copy

Paradise Order Bannersfavicon

A favicon is a small image or icon that appears in the browser bar of your page URL. See the example at the top of the page.

Paradise Order Banners ad

A text box appears on the on your blog or website and allows people to take your image and code, place it on their website or blog with a link to your site. (You must supply the image.) You can see an example here in the sidebar for Paradise Blog Design under “Grab Our Button”.

Paradise Order Bannersphoto

We are more than happy to add your personalized photo to any Blog in a Bottle design you purchase.

Paradise Order Banners back

GRAND OPENING SPECIAL $15.00 for a limited time: A custom background created just for you to your color specifications. This includes your choice of a 2 column background or a 3 column background.

Paradise Order Banners col3

HTML (hypertext markup language) change to a three (3) column template. The 3 column template is very popular because it gives more areas to add gadgets both at the top, bottom and sides of your blog.

Paradise Order Banners adbut

This custom Advertising button can be used to link multiple blogs, or alone on other blogs and websites for advertising purposes. These are static and do not blink. Here is an example:

Paradise Order Banners Navtext

A Navigation Bar is inserted above or below your header. (Your choice) It allows visitors to your blog to easily navigate in within one page of your blog, or to multiple blogs. This includes text only links to up to six (6) links. *Here is an example of how it would appear:

Home Blog in a Bottle Pricing Custom Design Portfolio Email

The text may be bolded or not, the choice is yours. (Please see further down for a Navigation Bar with images and links)

*Please note the examples are not linked

Paradise Order Bannerspost

A custom image created just for you to your specifications that will automatically appear after each of your posts. Here is an example:



A custom animated Advertising Banner.  Various sizes available.  Standard size is 468px by 60px.  Please let me know the size you are interested in prior to ordering.  Please see the example at the bottom of this page.Paradise Order Banners header

A custom header created just for you to your specifications. Embellishments can include photos, images, fonts, color specification, themes to match your blog, and more. Please refer to the Portfolio and Blog in a Bottle for examples.

Paradise Order Banners order

A custom information or order form is any information you need to collect from someone. The information fields are to your specifications. The fields can include required information before all the information you are collecting can be submitted by email. Once the form is completed and the person hits the “send” button, the form will be submitted to your email. You must create a blog for a “Thank You” page to appear. The form can include your header. To see an example of how the form works, click here. Please feel free to hit the send button when you are done.

Paradise Order Bannersnavim

A Navigation Bar is inserted above or below your header. (Your choice) It allows visitors to your blog to easily navigate in within one page of your blog, or to multiple blogs. This includes text only links to up to six (6) images with links. Please see our example at the top of this page.