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Welcome to the Custom Pricing and Order Department!

Terms and Conditions for Custom Designs

Paradise Blog Designs and services are provided only for Blogger accounts at the present time. In addition, services are presently provided only for two (2) column and three (3) column templates.

Once payment has cleared, we will give you a time frame in which we will complete your work. Depending on the custom services you have requested, completion is estimated between 1-7 days from start to finish. Your privacy will be maintained.

Each custom order comes with two (2) edits. After that, you will be billed at an hourly rate of $25.00. Edits will be provided for you on my test blog within 24-72 hours.

Should you have specific graphics you would like to have used, all proper licenses and or permissions must be obtained, in hand and provided if asked. I will not use graphics you provide without appropriate licensure. Any graphics I provide for use on your blog will have necessary licensing and permissions. You may also feel free to send me personal photos you would like me to use. I will not provide services for any blogs which are determined to be illicit or illegal or contain such materials.

All designs created by Paradise Blog Design must be credited back with a link for as long as the design is being used. I will provide you with the Ad Button to place in your sidebar upon completion.

All custom designs created for you are yours. They will not be replicated or resold as they are displayed on your blog.